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A research and design lab using ethnographic research to solve real-world problems. We use field and digital ethnographies to help organizations understand, empathize, and strategically design impactful products, services, and programs.

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Thoughts & Nuances

Join Mathews Wakhungu and Adrian Jankowiak of Nairobi Design for a thought-provoking conversation on the intersection of cultural anthropology, design, and social impact. In this episode of the podcast, they talk about how cultural anthropology impacts our thoughts, actions, and design choices. Mathews also shares about KUNGU LABS and how we are using ethnographic research for human-centered design and social impact innovation.

This is the third episode under the 'Shifting Narratives' program supported by the British Council SSA Arts @eastafricaarts #AfrikaDesignPodcast #SSAArts #SouthernAfricaArts

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R&D for Good

Within the broad theme of R&D for Good theme, we're working on social impact projects that address the most pressing problem in our communities.  

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